About RJ Cleaning Services

RJ Cleaning Services is your local and regional cleaning service provider. Call us at (859) 612-2324 or (859) 612-2764. If there is no answer, we must be with another client. Please leave a message about how best to contact you and the type of cleaning service that you are calling about.

Our Services:

General Cleaning, Deep Cleanings, Recurring, Multi Temporary Cleans (great for construction projects), One-Time, Home & Business, Apartment, Garage, Attic, Basements, Construction Cleans, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Laundry Service.

We offer and prefer “The Free In-House Estimate .”For any type of cleaning project, we offer, sight-unseen over-the-phone estimates are also available but are subject to be adjusted once on-site. A clean may become subject to a price increase or decrease after on-site for any job not seen.

Our Pricing

1. Labor
Two ceaners, Daily hours 2 Hours (there is a minimum of $120.00) to 8 hours a day range. The average hours for most cleaners are 4 hours. Our top rate is $65 per hour for two cleaners, but there are many different discounts you can get. So, our average price is really reduced from $65.00 per hour. The average for 2022 was $53.12.

2. Supplies
We can provide all the supplies and equipment for your cleaning. Let us know of any allergies or concerns about certain cleaning supplies. There is a “Cleaning Supplies and Equipment” fee added if we provide all or any supplies or equipment. The price is based on the level of the cleaning, the size of the clean area, and time. The normal range is $8-$16 per day (range $2Up).

3. Kentucky Sales Tax
The other charge on your invoice is Kentucky Sales Tax which is 6%. If you are tax exempt, you must give us a copy for our records. We never hide a price from any client and then add it to the invoice. We show all charges, or we do not charge for them. What is agreed on between all parties will not change unless the clients want to add or subject to the cleaning scope agreement. We do not make a formal contract; there is an agreement form to basically make sure we do what we are supposed to do for the agreed price you will pay. Most payments are due at the beginning of the job. We accept checks, cash, Venmo, and Credit Cards (there is a convenience fee applied).

We have been told we are too high, and some say we are too low. But not once has a client that hired us to do cleaning for them said we are too high after we are finished. We have been told we do a lot more than promised. We want to make sure the client is always satisfied and will call us back someday for another cleaning. Or hire us for recurring cleaning. Call us, and we will do our best to give your home or business the clean you and your family deserve at a fair price. We are insured and bonded for your peace of mind.